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And now for the moment most have been waiting for! A Frequently Asked Questions section to answer all the RahXephon fans' inquiries on the series, and more specifically the ending! I'll try to focus on the most common questions I've come across, but I'll also try to cover some of the more general questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here, then make sure you check out the character profiles before you contact me. You'll probably be asking something I may have covered in better detail in one of the character's profiles. If you still can't find what you're looking for, then give drop me an E-Mail.

Anyways, without further ado, here are the FAQs!

FAQ #1 - Ending Questions
FAQ #2 - Backstory Questions
FAQ #3 - Fan Questions

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Other Informative Links
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RahXeFUN - Episode Summaries + Anaylses
Wikipedia's RahXephon Entry


International Sensation!
RahXephon.fr (French)

Character Profiles

RahXephon is a very complicated series. These profiles took me a little while to finish but it was certainly worth the trouble. If you feel the FAQs are not enough, these profiles will certainly shed a lot of light on the series. I'd pay special attention to Maya Kamina's profile as it includes a hefty part of the story.

Main Characters

Ayato Kamina
Reika Mishima
Haruka Shitow
Quon Kisaragi
Maya Kamina

Secondary Characters

Megumi Shitow
Souichi Yagumo
Kim Hotal
Mamoru & Asahina
Elvy Hadhiyat and the Alpha Squadron


Jin Kunugi
Watari Shirow & Rikudoh Shougo
Johji Futagami
Kuki & Miwa
Ernst von Bahbem

Bahbem's Children

Helena Bahbem
Makoto Isshiki
Itsuki Kisaragi
Sayoko Nanomori


Buchi & Michiru


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