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Quon Kisaragi

Image "Ra ra?" Quon is quite the enigma. She usually speaks very softly and often in cryptic (even apocalyptic) riddles. Throughout the series we see that Quon has a special connection with Ayato, everytime Ayato goes into the battlefield, Quon can sort of feel him. In a particular episode when Ms. Nanamori was taken by an ice gem and transformed into a dolem, Quon was freezing in her room, but due to Ayato's victory, Quon could feel the warmth of the Ollin, and later even compliments Ayato with these words: "I don't like the cold. The Ollin, however, is quite warm."

The history of Quon is a little obtuse as not much is said in detail in the series. In fact, just like her riddles, we are meant to piece all the hints we get throughout the series and eventually put the whole picture together and see what Quon's life was like. When we are introduced to Quon in the anime, we see that she asks Ayato to help her put on a sort of suit (she has trouble closing the back), this suit is actually what sustains her very life. In the entire series, Quon's life is held on by a thread and any coarse movement or agitation (such as the freezing incident among others) can essentially kill her.

Quon's original name is Quon Al Padis. She was one of the two girls found just outside the Shrine of Time on Nirai Island (1989) by Dr. Rikudoh and Shirow. Though Maya came through just fine, Quon was in a coma state and required inmediate medical attention. The two girls were taken to the Bahbem Foundation for treatment, where Maya was entrusted under the care of Rikudoh and Quon remained in the Foundation in a cryogenic state (her life was literally put on pause). Because of such a golden opportunity, Bahbem conducted various tests and experiments on her while she was in this state; she was dubbed as "Human Speciment No. 1" in these experiment files as Haruka later finds out when she investigates. It was during this time that a sample of her DNA was taken to create an essential part of Bahbem's ultimate project: the Ollin twins Ayato and Itsuki in 1998. Of which one of them will eventually succeed as the perfect Ollin.

While Quon was in this cryogenic state many years passed. She remained young while the rest of the world was aging normally, like her twin sister Maya. This is why there's such a difference in age between the two sisters. After this though, her life was so fragile that she requiers the aid of an aparatus that sustains her lifeforce, and thus cannot stay long without it. She was later entrusted under the care of Dr. Itsuki Kisaragi who adopts her as his sister. Quon's name is then changed to Quon Kisaragi.

As the series progresses, we see that Quon has a destiny as an Ollin as well: a pilot of a Xephon, in fact, she's the destined pilot of the black RahXephon which unfortunately is never shown in the series in its full glory. Quon discovers she's an Ollin in the episode where she and Ayato get lost for several days (when in fact they were only a few minutes inside the Shrine of Time) and meets Ixtli. Ixtli tells Quon that she shouldn't be afraid to accept her calling and open her egg of Xephon. A few episodes later Quon actually attempts to open her black RahXephon but is interrupted by Helena. It wasn't until the very end of the series when Quon is finally free from the Bahbem Foundation and together with Maya, that she merges with her Xephon and proceeds to the tune the world together with Ayato. Even though Quon is supposed to fight for the Mulian side, she decides her love for Ayato and his happiness is more important and proceeds to let Ayato have the upper hand.

During her time in TERRA Quon develops something of a fan club.

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