NKO 3.0

Sayoko Nanomori

Image Concerned for Itsuki's grief after parting with Haruka, Bahbem decided to give Itsuki another chance at a relationship and sends over Sayoko Nanomori, who inmediately develops a crush towards Itsuki. Sayoko works as Itsuki's research assistant, this conveniently gives Sayoko many opportunities to stay together with Itsuki. Sayoko can be emotionally unstable at times, in fact, you could say she has two faces. She is a helpful person, but she's usually indifferent about others. She holds strong jealousy towards Haruka as she knows that Itsuki deeply loves her.

Sayoko tries several ways to get Itsuki's attention, even hooking up with Makoto Ishki just to make Itsuki jealous, though unfortunately it ends in disaster. Itsuki is fully aware of Sayoko's feelings, but still acts very cold towards her and even uses her as an experiment when he gives her a crystal he got from a Dolem. Fed up with being rejected, she goes out of her mind from grief and attempts to kill Itsuki at the very end of the series. (I'd imagine her logic is if she can't have him, then nobody else will.) Sayoko is later killed by Bahbem right after he reveals to Sayoko that she's yet another of his clones with fake memories and fake emotions --that she was programmed to love Itsuki. After their deaths however, we are shown that Itsuki and Sayoko are holding hands. However, many things can be inferred from this. Just before Itsuki died, he saw Quon instead of Sayoko.

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