NKO 3.0

Johji Futagami

Image Possibly my biggest suprise in the series. During the beginning of the series Futagami is only but a nosey reporter that may be a little too smart to be a regular reporter; asking the right questions to the right people without fail. Throughout the series we see him interrogating characters like Rikudoh, Itsuki, Watari, Haruka, and even Bahbem. He's usually a charming fellow with a lot of wits. Futagami is essentially the person that leads the story for the audience, if it weren't for Futagami, much of the story would be left in mystery. Thanks to his investigations is that we find out about Bahbem's past, Quon and Maya's history, and many other secrets. He's a crucial character to the story.

His real identity though is Jumonji Takeshi, a lieutenant colonel for the Earth Federation Headquarters, Divison 6. His original objective is to gather evidence on Bahbem's history and wrong-doings and report them back to the Earth Federation, and consequently take the necessary precautions and kill Bahbem if he's indeed a traitor to humanity. At the very end of the series, he prevents Bahbem from seeing his dream come true by shooting him in the head just moments before the tuning.

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