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FAQ #3 - Fan Questions

These questions are most, if not all of the E-Mail questions I've gotten. I tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge of the series, but I don't have all the answers. Some of these questions are purely theoretical and I'm afraid anybody can give answers to those. But be assured that all the answers and theoretical responses are all based from assumptions and educated guesses from the series. If these questions are not enough or you would simply like to ask more questions, feel free to E-Mail them to me. But please try to read through the previous FAQs as well as read through the several profiles before E-Mailing me. Most assuredly your answeres might be there.

  1. What is Ernst von Bahbem's purpose for creating the RahXephon?
  2. What do you think is Itsuki Kisaragi's fate?
  3. Ayato and Itsuki's blood difference?
  4. What is the significance of the Blue Bird in Itsuki's words? What are his feelings for Sayoko and Quon?
  5. What exactly did Quon mean by what she said when she saw Itsuki in the last episode?
  6. Why did Maya decide to favor the Mulians even though she was raised by Humans? What is her history with Ayato?
  7. What was the purpose of Dolem attacks on the human world before Terra possessed the Rahxephon
  8. Asahina couldn't see that her blood was blue while inside Tokyo Jupiter because of the mind control from the Mu?
  9. After leaving Tokyo Jupiter, Ayato never revealed to Asahina that he knew her blood was really blue and more importantly that he understood why and that he would have still cared for her?
  10. Why was Asahina connected to a Dolem?
  11. Why was Michiru's musical composition the lost part of Quon's musical play as well?
  12. Wasn't the person that gave the order to Kunigi (the one that killed her daughter), Kuki Masayoshi?
  13. I'm still confused by if it were Ikitsugi or Ayato with Haruka at the end of the series...
  14. If Mulians have their own Dolems, how is it possible that some have multiple owners?
  15. What happened to the reality which we saw before the tuning?

Movie Questions

  1. Why couldn't Maya pilot the RahXephon?
  2. What is the difference between the TV series and the movie?
  3. Omnipresent Ayato and Mishima? What is the purpose of the Watcher of Time?
  4. Where did Haruka go at the end of the movie?
  5. What are Ayato's fate in the movie and TV series?


21. One thing that still puzzles me is Bahbem's motivation for wanting to create a new world. Was it revenge for being banished by the Mu, that he simply wanted to play God, or some other reason? Was he thinking that when the world was created the Ollin would make him the Supreme Ruler?

Well, Bahbem wasn't really banished by the Mu. He was exiled by his own project. The reason he wants to achieve the tuning is because he wants the world to revert back to its original state where Mulians and Humans co-existed, but the Mulians still keeping the upper hand. Considering all the crimes againts he humanity he has done, like letting Mulians take over human bodies and experimenting with human clones, you can very well say he was playing God. But of course, Gods don't die from a bullet shot.

(Thanks to John Estacio for the question)



22. I'm an obsessed Itsuki freak, so my first question is, do you think he's alive and in the new universe? He was one of the few people Ayato trusted, and they were twins regardless of being genetically engineered, so if Ayato is alive, would it be plausible to assume that he would still have created him in his universe?

It's up for interpretation. The clue we get is that if Mamoru and Asahina are alive, then most likely Itsuki is probably alive as well. If you remember from the last episode, Quon was referring that she would like to be part of Ayato's life in the next world, and so Quon was reborn as his daughter. Itsuki said he wanted to be with Quon always in the same episode (the scene when Ayato and Haruka were in the classroom), so I can assume that Itsuki and Quon will most likely have some close bonds in this new world. I cannot determine what kind of relationship given we're only given very little hints.



23. Is there a difference of blood between Ayato and Itsuki even though they're twins? How come Ayato succeeded as an Ollin but Itsuki didn't?

Both Ayato and Itsuki have red blood, but they have the Mu-Phase in it. They have the exact same blood-type, it would only make sense that they do. Both of them are half-human and half-mulian. The reason Itsuki didn't succeed as an Ollin is because he simply awoke as an Ollin too late. To become a perfect instrumentatlist you need to awake at the age 17. Ayato accomplished this with some help from Mishima, Quon, and Haruka.



24. At the end, when Itsuki said that he had found his blue bird, does that mean that he opened his eyes (the way he had told Ayato to do), and had realized that Sayoko was always pining after him? If so, then does that mean that he realized he loved her?

He realized Sayoko loved him when she stabbed him. Though I'm pretty sure he knew about Sayoko's feelings all along, as we saw that he wanted to please her (or experiment with her) with the pendant he gave her that was part of a Dolem. What he was referring in that he found his blue bird (as in the Blue Bird of Happiness), is that he realized he found his happiness with Quon. Moments before Itsuki, he saw Quon's reflection in Sayoko. However, before this, Itsuki hints that if he could do it all over again, he probably would have given Sayoko a chance. When Sayoko screams "I'm sorry" Itsuki even forgives her. So it is quite possible that Itsuki also realized his hidden feelings for Sayoko.



25. What exactly did Quon mean by what she said when she saw Itsuki in the last episode?

I don't really remember the exact words that Quon said. But I'm sure she meant that she also loved Itsuki, or at least that she should've given Itsuki more attention. I'm sure Quon has always hold respect and love for Itsuki, but Itsuki never really knew about it until she told him that --Quon rarely speaks naturally, it's always in riddles. I believe this is also close to the moment when Itsuki told her how he wanted to be loved by her, in which Quon happily sighed.

(Thanks to Debby C. for the questions)



26. What attachment did Maya have with the Mulians besides being one herself? She was raised in the human world after all so why would she be so hell bent on gaining Mulian favor as far as the tuning of the world is concerned. I do know that Mulians lose their memory at some point but did she gain new ones that guided her in this direction? I mean, how else would she even know so much about it? Someone must've informed, taught, instructed her on all of this.

Maya's the leader of the Mu. Even though she was raised by Dr. Rikudoh, Maya felt no attachment to this Earth once she awoke as a Mulian. Even after being married to Watari Shirow, she neglected him and selcuded the entire city of Tokyo as well as Ayato. Her whole agenda was to raise Ayato so that he sides with the Mu. Maya wanted the tuning to favor the Mulians.

You can read more of Maya in her profile.



27. The Rahxephons were created by Babhem correct? Was there a reason he wanted the worlds tuned in the first place? Why not leave them the way they were? And what was the purpose of Dolem attacks on the human world before Terra possessed the Rahxephon?

Bahbem wanted to unite the world again because he's majorly at fault for splitting them up in the first place. If you read the history of Bahbem in the second FAQ (first question), you'll know that his project of the Xephon split the world in two. He most likely went ahead with the project despite any outcomes to unit the two worlds and maybe even re-shape it to fit his own needs.

The dolem attacks occured because the Mulians were displeased with human behavior --war, politics, etc. Bahbem gave the Mulians the ability to study humans and from this they decided to "fix" the problem. They did so with Bahbem's dolems. However, this made Bahbem grow a little untrustworthy of them and eventually lend the humans a helping hand with their own Xephon.



28. Asahina couldn't see that her blood was blue while inside Tokyo Jupiter because of the mind control from the Mu?

Not quite. At the beginning of the series Asahina was a normal girl, so her blood was naturally red. Later in the series a mysterious Mulian entity was trying to possess her body and form a dolem to attack the RahXephon. Whenever a Mulian hijacks a human host, their blood turns blue. Asahina's case is perfect proof of this. Asahina just had an emotional breakdown because everything she knew was crumbling around her. She thought that her possession from the Mulian turned her into a full blooded Mulian, but in fact she just got turned into a host for the Mulian.



29. After leaving Tokyo Jupiter, Ayato never revealed to Asahina that he knew her blood was really blue and more importantly that he understood why and that he would have still cared for her?

Yes. However, at first he only thought of her as a friend. Asahina was still delusional that her blood was not red, so she thought that Ayato wouldn't accept her if it were. Which is what she's been meaning to tell him throughout the whole episode, along with claiming her love for him. At this point in the series, Ayato thought that Haruka was together with Itsuki, so he didn't try to hold back his feelings for Asahina.



30. Why was Asahina connected to a Dolem? Why didn't Asahina know what was going on? Why did Asahina's Dolem show up like it did? Why did it seem like it was out of her control? Who exactly was the ghost like figure hunching over here while it was going on?

All Mulians have this ability, and from the looks of it, each Mulian has their own Dolem, but not necesarily each human. What I mean is that Mulians take over the body of humans, it is out of the humans jurisdiction which Dolem they get, since it would depend on which Mulian is controlling their body. As Asahina was turning into a Mulian's host, she started to see her Mulian controller in her visions and dreams. The mulian in her dreams is the one taking over her body, and consequently the one controlling and shaping her Dolem. After the Mulian finally gained control over Asahina's body (we see this when she's leaning on Asahina's body), she also gained full control of the Dolem. However, Asahina's conscience was still separated from the Mulian's entity, it hadn't gotten 100% control. This is why Asahina could finally give out her feelings to Ayato in writing, even if it was her last dying wish.

(Thanks to Chris Thompson for the questions)



31. Why was Michiru's musical composition the lost part of Quon's musical play as well?

Quon was actually playing Kunugi's daughter's composition initally, it wasn't her own play per se. As she was playing it, she felt a sort of dissonance --something is either missing or out of place, it didn't sound right. Once Kunugi went to a hopeful dinner in the cruise ship with his ex-wife, his ex-wife gave Kunugi the missing pages of his daughter's composition that she kept. This completed Kunugi's daughter musical composition, thus getting rid of the dissonance.

When Kunugi's ex-wife gave him the missing page it also included closure in their relationship, she finally forgave Kunugi for being responsible for the death of their daughter. Quon was happy to see that Kunugi got this sense of closure when she took a look at the missing pages; she inmediately understood the story right then and there and was happy to play the final piece.



32. Wasn't the person that gave the order to Kunigi (the one that killed her daughter), Kuki Masayoshi? I'm asking because you said "the whereabouts of the man who gave Kunugi the order, are unknown."

Yes, this is correct. I went ahead and fixed that part. Thanks.



33. I'm still confused by if it were Ikitsugi or Ayato with Haruka at the end of the series.

I'm confused because even if they were twin brothers, they didn't look alike that much in their youth. I mean, we get the chance to see Ikitsugi as a little boy and his hair was straight dark brown. We don't get to see Ayato at that age but he's still pretty young at 14 and he looks veeeeery different form Itsuki. Plus, in the movie, when Haruka is watching the photo album of the wedding, Ayato does look similar to Itsuki but his hair remains gray and with life, not like Itsuki's hair.

Well, I never noticed Itsuki having brown hair as a kid. Perhaps when my DVD-ROM is working again I'll get some screen captures for comparison, but I'm pretty confident that both Ayato and Itsuki had gray hair all throughout their lives. Their hairstyles and nurture are different, but their genetic make up is exactly the same. If we see a comparison of Ayato and Itsuki both at 29 they would have the same exact face, but since throughout the series we see them in different ages, differences are bound to be apparent. The brown hair is most probably some official art for goods rather than the actual series.

I'm not too keen on the idea that it's Itsuki at the end. Itsuki loved Haruka, but the feelings weren't mutual. Though you know what else is possible? That Ayato and Itsuki are now the same person? Interesting question, as it would also fulfill Quon's and Itsuki's request to be together... but that would fall into the guessing territory.

(Thanks to Musouka for the questions)



34. Each Mulian has their own personal dolem right? They also have this device attached to their head which helps them control the dolem. There is this blue dolem which is responsible for transporting Ayato to the real world in the first few episodes (the same dolem on which maya was standing when Ayato first gets inside Rahxephon in episode two. Anyway my question is, that dolem was controlled by some other mulian and later (in the last few episodes) Maya gives the dolem controlling device to Captain Miwa. That contradicts the fact that each Mulian gets their own personal dolem. I just want to know howthat is possible?

The mulians themselves can have their own dolems, but considering that Dolems are the artifacts that connects Mulians to the humans world and take any human as hosts, Dolems can then have multiple hosts.

(Thanks to Atreya for the Question)



35. I understand that Ayato had to reshape the world as he saw fit and that to do so *properly* he needed to care deeply for someone; but my question is what happened to the existence that used to be? Are we meant to believe that it still exists in another plane or time stream; or has it simply ceased to exist completely?

I think we're supposed to believe that it ceased to exist. Or more correctly, that same existence was fixed or upgraded, creating a new version. But the old existence ended the moment Ayato tuned the world, when it was wrapped in a giant egg (symbolizing the rebirth process). You could say that is new world is a world where there were no catastrophies (I'm only guessing), and that humans now live together with mulians. It's still the same world, but instead of being split up in two, now is merged as one *complete* world.



36. Also, I don't remember if this was in the movie or the series but didnt Maya say something about herself being the one who was supposed to be in the Rahxephon and tune the world but that she didn't because she wanted to raise Ayato....the son of a man which she forgot when she lost her memory?

That sounds like the movie, I've only seen the movie once, so I don't remember much details. But I do know that Maya used to have a lover in the movie, and in the TV series she makes no mention of it even though she was indeed married. On both versions she took care of Ayato, in the movie Ayato was her real son, but in the TV series he was her adoptive son. But yes, she was initially supposed to be an Ollin for the RahXephon, but apparently awoke early to become an Ollin.

The following answer is given by a fan, Becky Snyder. She responded this question in an E-Mail and I thought I'd put it up for all of you to check out. This does not represent my thoughts on the question.

That is a movie thing. In the movie Maya had red blood until she awakened but at the time of her awakening she was already pregnant with Ayato and couldn't do the job that she had been set forth to do. She ended up killing her lover before the birth of their son and fleeing to Tokyo with Ayato in order to be able to raise him in an environment that he would only love her in. One of her greatest wishes after she remembered her lover was to raise the son that she had tried so hard to give birth to (It was very simple and then got complicated because the duties that she had neglected in order to have her son were then passed to him and because of this she fealt horrible guilt for having been so selfish as to allow something like this to happen.) Personally I think she feared "death" from the tuning of the world if he were to love anyone else so she created a world in which she was the one that was his sole being, also I think she saw some of the man that she loved and forgot in him.

Maya has a lot more human memories in the movie so I think that it makes it harder to understand her and her intentions when dealing with Ayato and Haruka. She never actually meant to harm either one, in fact she really liked Haruka, and had her son not had to deal with the tuning of the world I think she would have encouraged the relationship. (Of course I also watched the movie while still in the middle of the series and cried like a baby at the end because of the inferred dream world that Haruka ended up living in, but I never said it was a bright thing that I did. ^^).



37. What was the deal with the movie? A lot of stuff not only seemed different but conflicted with the story portrayed in the series. I was under the impression it would be the same story from different angles but it would seem even major parts have been completely changed.

Yep, the movie is an alternate re-telling of the story. They wanted to tell a similar story, but had to leave a lot of details out to meet the 2 hour quota. In other words, the movie and TV series are not in the same timeline, each one tells its own different version of the story. Kind of like comparing the Escaflowne TV with the movie, the major difference in RahXephon is that the movie uses recycled animation, which make it feel like a recap movie instead. It is not a good idea to use the movie to find answeres raised in the TV series. They're two different universes.

(Thanks to indecentxposur for the questions)



38. (I'm not sure if this is the movie or the series, but I think it's the movie). In the scene after haruka dies in the huge Xephon explosion she goes to her old school in the strange limbo place. There she meets the "present day" ayato and he collapses; then she sees the past ayato and haruka, and then (what I can only describe as) omnipresent ayato and mishima. What is that all about? And then she is also with Ayato beside that lake-like place and he says he is the watcher of time; what exactly is his purpose as the "watcher of time" and why was haruka there?

"Omnipresent Ayato and Mishima?" Heh... that sounds like you're referring to the Ixtli: One is Ayato's Ixtli (Mishima), and the other is Quon's Ixtli (Ayato). Ixtli, the souls of the Xephons, are represented by the person the Ollins love the most, so that's why they take those forms.

From the sound of it, you're referring to the movie. This watcher of time is Ayato's god form after he fused with the Xephon, in which he can exist at any time at any given place. I don't think there's any real definite purpose for the Watcher of Time, since after all he's a product of one man who decided to play God. His function in the world is to just watch and most likely keep things in order and prevent major chaos between Mulians and Humans again.



39. In the final scene of the movie you see Haruka as an old woman, and she tells her grandaughter (Reika) about Ayato. Then when Reika walks off the young omnipresent ayato appears and she walks off with him, and when young Reika returns, she's gone! What's going on here? Did haruka just go for a random walk or did she slip into wherever the hell ayato remains?

Haruka disappeared, or was Spirited Away to be with Ayato. If you notice, Haruka actually reverted back to her form at 29 years of age, since that's the form Ayato grew to love in the movie. It's a fairy tale ending, they're together and apparently forever.

Thanks to Ciaran Gallagher for the Questions)



40. Also, in the end of the movie it leads you to believe that Haruka and Ayato cannot in fact be together as Ayato has ceased to be either human or mulian and is now in fact the avitar of time; is this also the case with the series, and if so, does this infer that everyone is truly living a life kept within a collective unconsciousness in order to create Ayato inside the world that has been created therein, or is he not the avatar of time anymore and simply a... I suppose I'll call them half-breed like everyone else?

Ok, I'm not sure I understand your last question about collective unconsciousness, so I apologize if my answer is not what you're looking for. Ayato's fate in the series is vastly different from the movie. In the movie, he became a sort of God that can exist at any time, in other words he was permanently fused with the RahXephon. In the TV series however, he did fuse with the RahXephon but it was only up to the tuning. He became a person (Mulian/Human breed) just like everybody else after it. In the TV series' ending, he's not a God, but a normal person.

(Thanks to Becky Snyder for the questions)


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