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GuestLog #2

Thank You for signing NKO's GuestBook! Don't forget to bookmark this site for future reference for other fans! Hey, I'm saving you the trouble of explaining them what happened... right?

I'd also like to thank the people that signed the guestbook on the previous NKO site. I took the liberty in moving them here for archival purposes. I would put it along the new entries, but I honestly have no idea how this XML GuestBook works so I can't really edit it to fit my needs. (I know XHTML/CSS, but don't know PHP! Not yet anyways. )


Finally my questions are answered. Many thanks for all this thinking and your efforts to give us all a really good impression of this absolute beautiful state-of-the-art Anime ;) Regards Tino

Hey your site rocks :D So many questions answered. Thx!

Great fansite! I also love this series! Watching it for my 3rd time know :)

Rahxephon TV series

Hi, there are just a few things that I do not understand. 1) Why did the Mulians leave their planet to live on earth? 2) Maya says the Mulians can only be salvaged when a human links to the Rahxephon? Do the mulians take over a humans body? 3) Why would the Mulian government brainwash their own Mulians? 4) From what I understand Maya creates the Tokyo Jupiter barrier to protect her son. After her son learns the truth, why don ' t they destroy the barrier and attack, because General Kuki makes it sound like they have been trapped all this time and the only way out is for the humans to destroy the barrier 5) Maya remembers her human past, so why would she not want both Mulians and humans to live peacefully. She could have been honest with Ayato and he would have wanted to integrate the world. 6) Why does General Kuki order Kunagi to initate operation overlord, which starts the war, I thought the Mulians wanted to live peacefully with the humans? Thanks for your help


come back to IGN alright?


Man, I ' d seen the first two disks a while back, but I finally ended up marathoning it last weekend... and I can ' t believe I ' d just let this sit for a while without watching it! I ' d caught quite a bit of information and references the first time though, but your faqs helped me to iron out all the details. I had also caught the possible Ayato/Haruka connection as far back as episode 3, and it was so gratifying to see it happen in the end. In fact, I was on an image hunt when I stumbled upon your website. Thanks for the wallpapers! Hope you ' ve made it through your mid-terms well (I know the feeling), and I ' m looking forward to further updates on this site!

Yep, still updating!

Yes, I ' m still updating the site, though at a slower pace than expected due to college midterm papers and work on the review site. Once some of my mid-terms are over I should get back on track with updating this site. You could either wait a little longer for page 3 of the FAQs to be up (it ' s all written, just need to mark it up) to see if your question is there, or you could try E-Mailing me directly; my E-Mail link is on the Feedback page (can ' t mark up on the guestlog, sorry). Thanks for the great comments people! Much appreciated! =)


Are you planning to update the website soon? I recently finished watching RahXephon and I have questions that are not answered in your page. So I wanted to know if you are still working on this website.

good work

Thank you soooo much. I ' m on my 2nd pass through the series and was still completely lost. This makes it all just that much more enjoyable and I agree with you, Haruka is my favorite! Excellent site, so well done. Keep updating!

Great page about a great series!

Just wanted to say thanks to you for making this page. I found the Story FAQs to be veru useful. I was looking around for something like that and that is how I ended up on this page.

Awesome FAQ

thanks for the the clarification. i can go to sleep in peace now. basicly RX is a love story wrapped with dolems fighting and characters interacting in an entertaining fashion. B+ for sure.

Just wanted to say I watched RahXephon years ago, knowing there were tons of deeper meanings.. but clueless to what they were! I knew I could crack them if I could watch the series a few more times over, but I lost the VHS tapes I had recorded on. I pretty much forgot about it. Very recently, I finished Last Exile which I enjoyed very much, google searching my remaining questions about the series. It was then I remembered... hey, while I ' m looking up info, why not check on RahXephon? Thanks for this site, it cleared up a few questions for sure : ) I will watch the series again, no doubt with a more firm understanding. I look forward to more updates! - David

I do share your love for Rahxephon! Happy to see you are still active and your site growing up!

I seriously love the site! Finally another page where I could fufill my crave for more RahXephon fan stuff. ^^ Can ' t wait until the avatar page is finished! XD