What is is a personal website dedicated to anime blogging, fansites, and other experimental websites. "Kenoki" is a name I made up, it doesn't mean anything. If there are other words that are similar to this or exactly like this, it's purely coincidental. I was going for a Japanese sounding name, kind of derived from the Tenchi Muyo! mascots (Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki).

August 22, 2012

Hey all,

Just recently I renewed my hosting server for another 3 years, so the site won't be down for a while, unless they're doing maintenance or something like that. I know the site was down for a while; I was still debating if this is something I want to keep doing or not. Truth be told I haven't kept up with web development or blogging in years, I haven't had the urge to continue due to new jobs rising up, schooling, lack of interest in anime, etc. However, I've had a few kind folks e-mail me, asking me what happened to the RahXephon website and all that, so I decided to at least keep the RahXephon site up. I doubt I'll pick up blogging again or do experimental anime fan sites, but you never know.

Anyways, feel free to bookmark the RahXephon website and pass it down to other fans. Just know that it's been a while since I've last seen RahXephon, so I may not have answers to any incoming questions. Cheers.